About Toys Shooter You vs Zombies


 Toys Shooter You vs Zombies is a thrilling shooting action game in which you need to control your character to eliminate all 100 zombies and try to survive.

 Control your character to use gas breast and kill all the zombies coming towards you. In this game, the world has been destroyed by zombies. When a virus broke out, it turned humans into zombies. Now, in the whole city, only you are the last survivor. In order to escape the city, you need to kill all 100 zombies. Can you survive and complete the mission?

 You should go and shoot to kill zombies without being attacked by them. You can also blast fuel tanks to kill multiple zombies at once. Besides, you can take advantage of the terrain to hide and aim more conveniently. Zombies appear in a group and always come towards you to attack. Kill zombies to get money. You have 100 health. Attacked by zombies, this stat will decrease and you will die when it drops to 0. You have 1000 bullets to use. Sometimes, you need to wait for the gun to have time to reload. Please be patient!

 Remember to use the money you earn to unlock new skins for your character.

 Features of Toys Shooter You vs Zombies

  • The attractive shooting action game for singleplayer
  • Exterminate 100 zombies with 1000 bullets
  • Classic graphics and various skins for your character

 How to control

  • WASD to Move
  • Mouse to Look around 
  • Left Mouse Button to Fire 
  • Right Mouse Button to Aim 
  • Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons 
  • G for Grenades 
  • R to Reload 
  • F to Pickup Items 
  • Left Shift to Run 
  • Left CTRL to Crouch 
  • X to Prone 
  • Space to Jump