About Stickman City Shooting 3D


Stickman City Shooting 3D is an exciting 3rd person shooter online game. Fast-paced gunfights, kill enemies before they shoot you. Become the only winner!

In the city of Stickman, there is complete lawlessness. On the streets of the city, gangs shoot each other. In the online game Stickman City Shooting 3D, you must restore order to your city. You'll have to employ the same means as criminals to do this. You must stay alive in the city while killing and sniping your foes! Become the world's most deadly stickman killer!


  • A 3D Stickman Shooter featuring a variety of firearms and weaponry.
  • Caution: There will be blood! Plenty and lots of blood!
  • Shoot down hostile stickmen, SWAT stickmen, Soldier stickmen, and boss stickmen.
  • Make use of automobiles, tanks, and turrets.
  • A fantastic game for letting off steam!
  • Hours of fun shooting throughout the city!
  • Levels are fully 3D.

How to play

Use arrow keys and mouse to shoot (LMB - shoot, RMB - grenade)