About Squid Sniper Game


Squid Sniper Game is an extremely popular shooting game, it is game inspired by the Netflix series Squid Game. Shooting people who are moving is your duty.

Shoot them when the red light comes on and they move!
The participants in green tracksuits will move when the light is green, but when it turns red, they must stop. However, some of them will continue to move, making them your targets. They're marked with red arrows above them, so shoot them down for bonus points.

Use the mouse to aim and fire your sniper rifle. When you're ready to shoot, click and hold the left mouse button while using the scope to zoom in.

It's that easy, so get started right now and recommend your friends who enjoy this series to check it out, as well as the many other fantastic games in this category!

How to play

  • L - Mouse lock/unlock
  • Mouse - Sniper moves
  • Right click - Zoom
  • Left click - Fire
  • Mouse Wheel - Zoom in/out