About Snake Game


Welcome to the world of snakes in the game Snake Game You will experience the feeling of being a snake surviving in the snake world.

Do you know how to survive? They have one and only one desire: to go hunting. As a result, you have good control over your snake. You will be playing a survival game with many other people from across the world in a set location. You can only eat red apples here. Additionally, throughout the course of the level, a number of hazardous tools will appear with red apples. Let's get the game going and have fun! A pleasant game with straightforward gameplay that you'll like playing.

Your objective is to assist the snake in surviving in an environment with little food. Red apples are all around you, and you are eating them. However, you may occasionally come upon deadly traps. You will encounter green medicines that make your body shorter. You will detonate and the game will end immediately if there are bombs in those red items. The adversaries surrounding you will likewise be eliminated at any moment. If you have self-assurance in your situational awareness, this won't be too difficult for you. You broke one of the many amazing records that have already been established!

How to play

Use the arrow keys to control the snake so it moves in the direction you want.