About Tactical Assassin


Tactical Assassin is a sniper game with clearly assigned missions. Carefully read the assigned mission and find the exact target to destroy.

You're your team's greatest assassin, but this is just one job. Read each mission's briefing attentively and make a list of your targets. There are several ways to fail a task, so proceed with caution. To get the mission description, press the arrow up. You'll have a major and secondary goal to stick to, both of which are equally crucial. You will be given a target description to ensure that no innocent individuals are killed.

If you don't think strategically and don't respond quickly, you'll fail the mission before it even begins. While reading on the train, hit your target, the agency mole or an embassy officer. You may need to respond quickly at times to keep your prey from fleeing. Are you up for a gruesome shooting adventure?


How to play

  • Up Arrow Key - Check Briefing
  • Down Arrow Key - Start Mission
  • Mouse Cursor - Aim
  • Left Mouse Button - Shoot