About Stickman Ninja Dash


 Stickman Ninja Dash is an active game where you have to protect your house. The bad stickmen attack your home and you will protect it with all your life.

 In this game, you are a ninja who has wonderful fighting skills. The evil stickmen want to attack your home and you need to prevent them from destroying the house. When you kill the enemies, you can receive some coins, and then you can change a new outfit with unique skills like extra one life, faster speed, etc. With many difficult levels, you can experience much variety of feelings. Try to control the character on a line that has many enemies to kill them. If the evil stickmen can enter your house, you will lose, and the game end. You have to start the game again. Let’s use your control skills to help the stickman protect his house. 

 Come to Stickman Ninja Dash to have a great experience. The game can help you develop your control skills. 

 Features of Stickman Ninja Dash

  • The sound effects are cool
  • Fun and exciting game
  • Simple graphics but attractive 

 How to control

  • Drag the mouse through the enemies to kill them