About The Great Zombie Warzone


 The Great Zombie Warzone is a fascinating shooting action game. Your mission is to protect your territory from zombies by building and upgrading your army.

 In this game, there are many levels with different challenges. Each challenge will have a different number of zombies. The zombies will also form different waves of zombies during each attack. You need to pass this level before proceeding to the next level. Can you pass all the levels in this game? Show your ability.

 Build an army and fight the zombies. Start the game, you will get some money. Use this money to buy soldiers and kill zombies. You can get coins or diamonds when zombies die. You have two main soldiers: the offensive soldier and the defensive soldier. Attacking soldiers will use guns to shoot down the zombies. However, they need to shoot several times before the zombies die. So you should buy more attacking troops. Defensive soldiers will use their shields and hammers against zombies. This minion has more stamina than attacking soldiers, so you should place them in the outermost position where zombies are easy to attack. Kill and don't let zombies enter your territory. If zombies touch your land, you will have to replay that level.

 Features of The Great Zombie Warzone

  • Attractive gameplay and easy control
  • Build your army to eliminate all zombies
  • Buy and upgrade your soldiers

 How to control

  • Use mouse click to choose options