About Sniper Shot: Bullet Time


 Sniper Shot: Bullet Time is an exciting shooting action game in which you need to control a sniper to aim and shoot all enemies and move to the next levels.

 Control your character by using WASD to move and mouse to aim. When you want to shoot, press the left mouse button. Press the spacebar to jump. It is easy to control with basic keys. Aim accurately to shoot down all your enemies and complete the level.

 There are many different levels with different numbers of opponents. You should hit the enemy as soon as possible because they can attack you. If you don't kill the enemy first, they can shoot you down. You have a health bar at the bottom of the screen. When this health bar runs out, you will die. Besides, the location of the enemy also makes it difficult for you. They stand in different positions. Some enemies stand on the ground, some enemies stand on top of buildings and even some enemies stand in hidden corners. They can cost you a lot of time to find and destroy. In particular, there are blue platforms that help you jump high. Take advantage of these platforms to jump high and observe the entire port of the battle zone.

 In particular, when you shoot a bullet, you can clearly observe its movement and impact on the enemy's body thanks to slowing down the time.

 Features of Sniper Shot: Bullet Time 

  • Various levels
  • Easy controls and attractive gameplay
  • Classic graphics

 How to control

  • WASD: movement 
  • Right Mouse Button: aim 
  • Left Mouse Button: shoot 
  • Scroll: zoom in / out