About Stick Duel Battle


 Stick Duel Battle is an addictive action game. Your objective is to control a stickman to shoot down your rival and be the first one to get five stars.

 Welcome to the stickman battle! Let’s show off your shooting skills. Control a skateboard to move around to grab any guns dropping from the sky. Shoot down your opponent and get a star. Try not to fall into the lava if you don’t want to lose soon.  Always pay attention to the blood bar. You will lose if you run out of blood. Try your best to be the first one to get 5 stars to be the winner.

 Two modes including “1 PLAYER” and “2 PLAYERS” modes are available for gameplay. For a “1 PLAYER” mode, you have to conquer the CPU. For a “2 PLAYERS” mode, you can invite your friend to play this stickman game and battle together with your friend.

 Features of Stick Duel: Medieval Wars:

  • 2 modes including 1 PLAYER and 2 PLAYERS
  • Various guns
  • Captivating 2D graphics and vibrant sound effects

 How to play:

  • PLAYER 1: Press “WASD” to move
  • PLAYER 2: Press “ARROW KEYS “ to move