About Stickman Hero Fight


 Stickman Hero Fight is a thrilling action and adventure game in which you need to control your stickman to eliminate all opponents and complete missions.

 Control your stickman character to fight and destroy every opponent. To control your character, you can press the control buttons on the screen or use the corresponding keyboard keys to control. You need to avoid the enemy's attacks and destroy them with your skills. You can use special combos by pressing and holding the attack button for a period of time. You can also unlock special skills after completing a certain number of levels. After finishing a level, you can get gold and treasures. Use gold to upgrade characters and buy new weapons. You can choose one of 3 treasures after each successful level. You can see various treasures like coins to get extra points, ratings to get rates, and small no phase to permanently improve attributes.

 There are many levels with difficult challenges. Not only do you have to destroy all the enemies, but you also have to complete separate missions to get 3 stars for each level. Get 3 stars to upgrade your rankings. Besides, you can make friends and track the ranking of your friends. Log in to the game daily to get rewards and take on exciting challenges in this action game. Good luck!

 Features of Stickman Hero Fight 

  • Intriguing gameplay
  • Various levels with different challenges
  • Cool graphics and effects
  • Unlock new skills and perform amazing combos
  • Receive daily rewards

 How to control

  • Press the attack button on the screen or use the corresponding keyboard keys to control.