About Pixel Smash Duel


 Pixel Smash Duel is an interesting game that you can play with your friend. Attack opponent and keep balance are your tasks in this game to get the victory. 

 If you are finding a 2-player game, Pixel Smash Duel can meet your demand. You can play the game with your friend. Your friend will be your opponent and you need to defeat your opponent. If you survive at the end and push your opponent fall off, you will be the winner. Be careful because your opponent can fight back. The characters and backgrounds are very diverse. When you don’t like to play 2-player, you can choose 1 player mode. In this mode, your opponent is CPU, but you should beware of its attack. Sometimes, you can be beaten by the CPU character. You have to fight until there is one fighter who wins 5 rounds first. It sounds easy, but it is difficult to keep balance. 

 Don’t wait anymore, come to the game to have an excellent experience with your friends. 

 Features of Pixel Smash Duel 

  • 2-player game 
  • Children can play the game 
  • Attack opponent and keep balance

 How to control

  • W key to jump
  • E key to attack