About Sniper Trigger


 Sniper Trigger is an extremely attractive sniper game. Complete the mission to destroy all targets at long range. Become the world's #1 sniper in this game.

 If you are a shooting lover then play the fun shooting game Sniper Trigger right now. You will be testing your aiming skills with an extremely interesting mission. What do you think when you can play the role of an assassin? Take on the role of a cold-blooded assassin using a sniper rifle and use your ammo to assassinate every target on each level. Find out who your current competitors are and eliminate them. You have a lot of enemies and you don't always have a clear vision. That is why ricochets from the walls are needed. Besides, you are also trying to collect stars, which must be collected at each level. You can use the money you earn to buy new weapons.

Remember you only have a limited number of shots so aim carefully and shoot to kill or you will lose the mission. To aim, you just need to click and hold the screen, then release the button to shoot. Do you think you can do a headshot or use a gas can to blow everyone up? Have fun!


  • The most popular shooting game
  • Dramatic action shooting game
  • Realistic graphics and realistic sounds
  • The gameplay is simple but a lot of challenges in the game.

How to play

  • Use mouse to play