About Stick Duel: Medieval Wars


 Stick Duel: Medieval Wars is an amazing action game. Your objective is to control a stickman to defeat your opponent and to be the first one to get 5 stars.

 Are you ready to participate in the battle between two stickmen at night? Your mission is to control a stickman to fight against your rival. Use a long medieval weapon to attack your opponent. The stickmen stand on a skateboard and their movements are unpredictable. Therefore, you have to use quick reflexes to control a stickman. It may be challenging for you. Try your best! Don’t forget to pay attention to the blood bar at all times. If you run out of blood, you will lose. Hit directly your rival’s head for easy wins. The winner is the first one who gets 5 stars.

 “1 PLAYER” and ‘2 PLAYERS’ modes are available for gameplay. Invite your friends to play this battle game, 

 Features of Stick Duel: Medieval Wars:

  • 2 modes including 1 PLAYER and 2 PLAYERS
  • Various medieval weapons
  • Impressive 2D graphics and vibrant sound effects

 How to play:

  •  PLAYER 1: Press “WASD” to move
  • PLAYER 2:  Press “ARROW KEYS “ to move