About Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter


 Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a thrilling shooting action game in which you have to control your spaceship to attack other ships to complete levels.

 In this game, you will participate in a battle with various spaceships. You are performing adventures and exploring planets, but you have to face other spaceships which want to shoot you down. To survive and win this game, you need to fight these spaceships, avoid their attacks and eliminate them. Let's defeat an ever-increasing number of opponents in increasingly perilous environments! As the game progresses, you will be granted the ability to customize your spaceship, allowing you to unleash the full destructive potential of your ship. Besides that, when fighting, you can collect precious diamonds and power bonuses. These bonuses help you upgrade your weapons by increasing the number of bullets and the destruction capability of your weapon.

If you have a big fan of shooting games, you will be addicted to Stick Merge. Many hard levels to challenge yourself. Killing all the enemies to get coins and power up your gun. 

Features of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

  • Various levels and planets
  • Tricky battle with many spaceships
  • Collect bonuses and diamonds

How to control

  • Hold the left mouse and move the mouse to control your spaceship