About Geometry Dash Meltdown


Let's get started in an exciting running music game Geometry Dash Meltdown. An enchanting magical world that will delight you as you experience the racing with the cube.

You will probably be impressed at first when entering the game Geometry Dash Meltdown which is extremely vibrant rock music. You will be starting a race with the task of controlling a cube guy to overcome a long road with many obstacles. It's the triangles on the track. They're like spikes. If your character hits these obstacles, he will have to stop the game. Are you ready to join the top-speed Geometry Dash Meltdown game? Are you ready to set new records for this game that hasn't started yet? Have a great time gaming at Geometry Dash Meltdown!

You will have to say it's great because the speed of this game is unbelievable. You will have difficulty when you first start the game. However, you can practice your skills to be able to play this game well. This is an addictive game, so you can easily spend your free time playing the game with your friends or loved ones. The crazy running game that makes you really enjoy top-notch sound and speed. When encountering obstacles, you need to react quickly and control the cube to make jumps over them. Go as far as you can. Wish you can live beyond the record here!

How to play

Left Click to make the cube make a jump.