About Death Run 3D


A great speed split is waiting for you in Death Run 3D game. You will be excited to experience the fast rolling feeling and exciting sound of this game.

Slides at high speeds are always thrilling. A fantastic game in this category is Death Run 3D. A unique combination of a space tunnel leaping game and a quick slide game called Death Run 3D. You appreciate this game's unique aesthetics. It has colorful borders around squares. It's a truly fantastic 3D world that plenty of people desire to rule.

If you like difficult games, you will love the Death Run 3D game. You are the cube. Your task is to slide into a tunnel and find the way out. This tunnel has a lot of obstacles to stop you. There are many bricks blocking the way. There is very little space between the bricks, so success depends entirely on your ability to act quickly. The global scoreboard displays your performance in the game so you can keep trying to outdo yourself and other players from around the world.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to change the direction of the cube.