About Army Sniper


Army Sniper is a technical sniper game. Aim and shoot all the enemy troops gathered in the barracks. Use your ultimate skill to take down your opponent.

In the area of ​​the barracks surrounded by many enemies, the barracks had many difficult positions for soldiers to stand guard. Your mission is to use the ultimate sniper skills to defeat all the guards present in the barracks.

The higher the level, the more you have to use aiming techniques. The guards not only stay in one place, but they also have to constantly move around the barracks, which will be a challenge for a sniper like you. When moving, the ability to aim is also more difficult, so please accurately align to shoot to defeat all walking or running soldiers. For soldiers who are standing still or standing in an elevated position looking down, it will be easier to aim.

In the process of aiming you also need to pay attention to the number of weapons that you are provided with. Stepping into new levels you will know how many shots and bullets are assigned to each level. Aim accurately to not lose ammo. If you shoot all the bullets and the minions are still left you will have to replay the level until you have killed all the guards with the same amount of ammo. Conquer all levels based on your elite sniper skills.

Diverse 2D graphics set in a military barracks with tanks, fighters, warehouses, ... vivid teams. 30 levels for you to experience and conquer, each level will have certain difficulties. Nice slow feature for the final aim of each level. Show off top-notch aiming skills in the most difficult situations.


How to play

  • Tap to shoot