About Stickman War


Stick War is an engaging strategy shooting game. Shoot down all the stickmen and get to the highest level in the game. Explore the game now! Win 3 stars after each level of play to reach the highest goal.

To begin your Stick War adventure, select a campaign. By following the brief lesson at the start, you may construct units. Each stick figure may be manipulated independently. Your objective is to decapitate the enemy statue before moving on to the next nation to conquer. In a thrilling, action-packed campaign, wage war throughout various nations and bring peace to the continent!

Besides the game has 4 choices for you:

Archidonis - the way of the archer
Swordwrath - the way of the sword
Magikill - the way of the mage
Speartons - the way of the spear

Tips games:

  • If you want to make a big effect, go for headshots.
  • Reloading takes some time, so make sure you prepare ahead!