About Zombie Sniper


Zombie Sniper is an extremely interesting zombie sniper game. Your mission is to shoot down all the zombies in the distance with a specialized aiming gun.

At the end of the world, zombies rule the land, humans linger, and our protagonist, as a survivor, battles fate every day, battles zombies and protects civilians. We believe you will be able to complete the task and will be able to shoot everything that moves. Find a technique to make it to the very last second before the time restriction expires. Kill all of your opponents with your sniper rifle and do all you can to get the best possible score. The visuals in the game are fantastic.

You'll see that the street is incredibly silent when the game initially begins. After a minute or so, opponents will become aware of your presence and begin to materialize in all directions.
Move with the WASD keys and jump to a higher vantage point for a clearer perspective by pressing the spacebar. Use the Left-click to shoot. Use the right mouse button to switch the sniper rifle's zoom setting. After being struck, the adversary will collapse. To earn more points and take them out quickly, aim for the head and try to land a headshot.

Stop them before our horrible start reaches you and turns you into a party for the zombies.


How to play

  • The WASD keys to run.
  • The right mouse button to zoom
  • Left mouse button to shoot.
  • Press the space bar to jump.