About Stickman Fighter Training Camp


 Stickman Fighter Training Camp is an arcade game where you are trained to be the fastest stickman. You attack an iron column with any dangerous objects.

 Do you want to be the fastest person in the world, Stickman Fighter Training Camp can help you. In this game, you are a stickman who is trained to be faster. You will practice with the iron column. On the column, there are many hazardous objects like saw blades, spikes, etc. All of them can kill your character. Therefore, when you break the column parts, you should avoid these objects. The column is endless, but the time is limited. Try your best to get as many scores as possible. However, if you break the column quickly, the time can be a little longer or not shorten. Combine the observation and control skills to make a legend and break your record. 

 Play Stickman Fighter Training Camp in your free time to relax and reduce stress. The children can play the game. 

 Features of Stickman Fighter Training Camp

  • Simple control
  • Avoid the dangerous objects on the column
  • The time is limited 

 How to control

  • Use right or left arrows to move the character to avoid the obstacles