About Ninja Legend


 Ninja Legend is a competitive action game in which you have to control a stickman ninja to defeat all opponents and get as many coins as possible.

 Welcome to the stickman continent which is full of challenges and mysterious unknowns. Click the play button to start exploring this land right now. In this game, you play as a stickman ninja. Your mission is to aim accurately and throw the pike at your opponents to kill them. You can use the special ability to cause large-scale destruction. Use the shield to protect you from their attacks. Pay attention to the blood bar at all times. If your run out of blood, you will die. You not only are rewarded a lot of diamonds, attributes, experience, and coins but also get more powerful skills after winning a level. Attend the fight on various maps and accumulate experiences to level up. Use the coins you earn to upgrade your equipment and attributes and purchase treasure chests in the shop.

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 Features of Ninja Legend:

  • 2 modes (manual attack and automatic attack)
  • Daily rewards and treasure chests with many surprising gifts
  • Multiple maps (Prologue, Castle Ruin, Mysterious Forest, Ancient Desert)
  • Incredible 2D graphics and relaxing music tunes

 How to play:

 Use the mouse to play