About Special Forces Sniper


 Special Forces Sniper is a realistic sniper game where you will use your sniper skills to destroy all terrorist groups operating on the roof of the city.

 Being a sniper is difficult, so you must remain focused because your objective is to eliminate the enemy at all costs. You should employ military strategies as the top sharpshooter in the special forces.

 Even for an experienced commando sniper, this assassination mission is highly perilous. You must shoot every member of the large survival team. However, you have tools at your disposal that can aid in destroying the wicked forces. It's time to grab your shotgun and ensure that your adversaries are dead.

 A gang of nasty people intends to penetrate multiple buildings on the opposite side of the street. With only a few rounds, the aim is to murder everyone. Fortunately, every insurgent can be slain in a single strike. While zoomed in, find the mark and release the button to pull the trigger. Some soldiers remain still, while others continue to sprint back and forth. Adjust your speed to theirs and wait for an opportune opportunity to strike. Proceed to the next objective after the threat has been handled. Without wasting too much ammo, make sure no one is left alive. Proceed to the next task after clearing the stage.


  • FPS-like viewing angle with 2D graphics.
  • 20 levels have varied and non-repetitive layouts.
  • Combination of action and puzzle.
  • Suitable for all ages

How to play

  • Tap to shoot