About The Sniper Code


Sniper Code is a vibrant sniping game featuring stickman characters on missions. Complete all the missions and explore 30 challenging levels in the game.

Each mission has only one night to complete. Your goal is to use your sniper rifle to destroy enemies from a distance. Complete over 30 levels of difficulty with multiple objectives while enjoying smooth, intuitive gameplay. In this game, accuracy, as well as finesse, are very important. Don't forget to spend the earnings from the shop to improve your skills. Are you ready to step into these exciting exploration missions?


• 30 tasks to complete.
• Exhilarating and intuitive gameplay.
• There is a free in-game shop where you may purchase new weapons. and other items.
• Multi-touch controls for mobile phones that are simple to use.

How to play

Control on PC
• Use mouse to move and aim
• Left click to shoot
• SPACE BAR to jump in running missions

Control on mobile devices
• Move the target by dragging the scope
• Tap the shoot button to shoot
• Tap to jump in running missions