About Real Shooting Fps Strike


Real Shooting Fps Strike is the best shooting game especially for those who love sniper shooting. Join the battles and destroy all the enemies in the game.

FPS lovers will like Real Shooting Fps Strike. As a commando, join the war and defeat all opponents in order to preserve the globe. Real Shooting Fps Strike is a free-to-play shooting game that is one of the greatest. In this spectacular action game, where you and terrorists will fight in war, fresh 30 different maps, new weaponry, and new game types await you. If you're a fan of terrorist shooting games, you'll love the arena of fresh and terrorist war games in this free Real Shooting Fps Strike game.

• AI System for Smart Enemies
• Data use is kept to a minimum
• Addicting First-Person Shooter Gameplay
• Easy-to-use game controls
• Fantastic Animations
• Effects in three dimensions
• Modern firearms
• Exciting missions and new maps

How to play

WASD - Movement
Left mouse - Fire
Right mouse - Zoom
Space - Jump
L - Ock cursor
C - Crouch
R - Reload