About Sniper Master 3D


Sniper Master 3D is a perfect sniper game where you will have to accurately aim the targets right in front of you. Show off your ultimate sniper skills.

In this amusing online 3D shooting game, you may become a skilled sniper. By clicking at the proper moment, you may take out a variety of targets. As you go through each level, take down your targets. Defeat your targets, pass through each level and become the top of this shooter game.

Select your gun and take aim, be invincible in the sniper 3D arena. Improve your sniper skills through each battle. Take down the enemies at the top of the building and protect the hostages.

Features of the game

  • 3D shooting game
  • Takedown as many elves as you can
  • Upgrade gun with more power


How to play

  • Click to aim and shoot the target