About Squid Challenge


Squid Challenge is a folk game but is set in the same context as a popular Korean movie Squid Game. All players will move closer to the robot doll to pass this game!

Do you know this folk game? If you have never played before, you need to know about this guide. From the starting line, you need to move while the doll has not turned its head. When the music stops and the dolls go back and forth, you must immediately stop or you will be shot to death. Just like that, you will move to the finish line. Whoever gets to the finish line first will be the winner of this game. Remaining those who can reach the finish line means they can finish this game safely.


  • Entertainment games with 3D graphics.
  • To pass, Intuitive must control 5 rounds.

How to play

  • Move when the doll has not turned its head.
  • Stop when the doll turns its head.