About Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense


 Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense is a thrilling action game. Merge cannons to defeat chickens while collecting coins to upgrade your weapons and castles.

 In this game, your mission is to defend against the attack of chickens in any way. The simple way is to use weapons, cannons, to fight and eliminate chickens. In the beginning, use your available coins to buy cannon at level 1 to earn coins after each death of a chicken. Then, you can buy more cannons and merge cannons at the same level to create a stronger cannon at a higher level. The higher level is, the stronger your cannon is. 

 In addition, you also can upgrade your castle to defend your opponent longer. You can complete a level after killing a chicken boss at the end of the chicken wave.

 This game has colourful graphics and cool effects. You can enjoy great relaxing moments in this action game. Let’s start and enjoy it now!

 Features of Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

  • The interesting action and adventure game
  • Merge to upgrade your weapons
  • Kill chickens to collect gold coins

 How to control

  • Use your mouse to drag