About Stickman Temple Duel


 Stickman Temple Duel is a fascinating action game in 3 game mode. Gather weapons to knock down your enemies and gain five points first to gain victory!

 Use your wits and agility to victory in this duel combat game! You must collect weapons that fall from the sky to destroy your enemies. Be careful because your opponents can destroy you in the same way. Besides that, on the ground, sometimes there are dangerous objects such as lava and spikes. Avoid touching them to survive!

 There are 3 modes, including Story Mode, 2 Player and Vs Bot. Story Mode takes you into a battle world with countless levels. Your mission is to use weapons to destroy your enemies while avoiding deadly obstacles. You can invite friends to play with you in 2 Player mode or practice and play against Bots in Vs Bot mode. Choose your favourite mode and fight!

 Features of Stickman Temple Duel

  • 3 game modes: Story Mode, 2 Player and Vs Bot
  • Various types of weapons
  • Gain five points first to win

How to control

Story Mode: 

  • Move: WASD or Arrow Keys 
  • Aim: Mouse 
  • Shoot: Mouse Left Click 

 2 Player: 

 Player 1 

  • Move: Arrow Keys 
  • Shoot: "L" Key 
  • Shield: "K" Key 

 Player 2 

  • Move: WASD Keys 
  • Shoot: "F" Key 
  • Shield: "G" Key 

 VS Bot: 

  • Move: Arrow Keys 
  • Shoot: "L" Key 
  • Shield: "K" Key