About Horde killer: You vs 100


 Horde killer: You vs 100 is a thrilling action game based on the shooting game. In this game, you have to kill all 100 enemies to complete your mission.

 Let's come and participate in the interesting shooting battles! The gameplay is new and unique when you have to fight 100 enemies at the same time. It's a difficult, but exciting rule.

 In this game, you own at least 3 weapons. Each weapon has a unique feature regarding the shooting distance and gun recoil. Use and change these weapons suitably to eliminate your opponent effectively.

On the top of the screen, you will see a bar expressing the number of enemies. When this bar fills, your task finishes. On the left-bottom of the screen, you can follow your blood bar and the number of weapon bullets. Pay attention to these factors to ensure you survive as long as possible before exterminating 100 enemies.

Do you want to try more powerful weapons and face many stickmen enemies? Do you love upgrading the guns by yourself? Click on Stick Merge right now to experience the thriiling feeling when you have to take part in the dangerous shooting battles in many different levels. 

Features of Horde killer: You vs 100

  • Intriguing and enjoyable gameplay
  • Unlock new skins for character
  • Unlock new weapons
  • Kill 100 opponents to win

How to play

  • WASD to move
  • Spacebar to roll/ jump 
  • Click to shoot