About Vex 6


 Vex 6 is a superb action game to continue the Vex series. In this game, you will control a stickman to reach the finish line while overcoming all obstacles.

 Welcome back to the Vex series! If you are a fan of the running action game, the Vex series will be familiar to you because of its popularity. This series brings you enjoyable and thrilling experiences with the exciting adventures of a stickman. In particular, this Vex 6 game will provide more challenging levels with various challenges and maps.

 In this game, your mission is to control a stickman to overcome all delay obstacles such as sharp thorns, grinders, spiked wheels, and buzzsaws. These obstacles are extremely dangerous. The game will end with a touch of the character. Be careful!

 Besides that, the game maps are also difficult because of the complication of terrains and maps. You will face barriers, tall pillars, and blank spaces. Use your control skills to overcome these difficulties of maps. 

 Remember to collect coins on your way!

 Features of Vex 6

  • Attractive and interesting gameplay of an action game
  • Collect coins on your way
  • Various deadly obstacles and barriers

 How to control

  • Use arrow keys or WASD to control.