About Stickman Archery


 Stickman Archery is an exciting and addictive shooting game in which you will transform into a stickman to shoot using a bow. Try to get the highest score!

 Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional archer? Have you ever shot archery? Coming to this game, our website will give you the opportunity to experience endless archery battles. Let's start the game now.

 In this game, you will become a stickman who has a passion for shooting arrows. You are practicing shooting arrows with the desire to become a master at shooting arrows. Your task is to press and hold the left mouse button to aim and release it to shoot. 

 The gameplay is simple but hard to master because the target can move to different positions after each arrow. The closer the centre of stela you shoot, the higher the score you get. Try to get the highest score with this endless archery game.

 This game has a simple gameplay and easy controls. However, it has a strangely appealing attraction. Try and feel!

 Features of Stickman Archery

  • The interesting and attractive shooting game
  • Infinite race for singleplayer
  • Try to get the highest score

 How to control

  • Press and hold the left mouse button to aim 
  • Release it to shoot