About Stickman Punch


 Stickman Punch is an active game where you have powerful fighting skills. You are the strongest fighter against the evil force in the stickmen world. 

 Do you want to experience the powerful skills, Stickman Punch can help you make the dream come true. You are a fighter who has to save the world from the evil force. They attack you continuously until you are defeated, so use your skills to kill as many bad guys as possible. The enemies attack from two sides, you need to destroy them before they kill you. When they come close to you, there are white dots under them. When the white dots appear, you can attack them. When you kill the opponents, you get some green fires. You can buy a new weapon to be stronger with the green fires. The game is endless, so let’s make the legend and beat your record. 

 The game requires your agility to kill the enemies appropriately. Hope you have fun and relax with the game.

 Features of Stickman Punch

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • The endless game 
  • Kill the enemies to get green fires 

 How to control

  • Click the mouse to the left or right to attack enemies