About Ghost Wiper


 Ghost Wiper is an adventure game where you transform into two brothers to explore mysterious houses full of ghosts and traps. Let's eliminate all of them!

 Two brothers embark on an adventure in this game. The two brothers have to discover and solve the riddles. Their discovery expedition took them to 20 different houses. Their task will be more difficult by mysterious animals in the house, traps, and puzzles. Many ghosts have been set free and thrown out of hell or the depths of the earth where they are cursed to live forever, so let's get to work catching them all and sending them back where they belong, with a unique laser firing weapon that will capture and bind them, and then absorb them with a special tool. Wipe them out of existence and go from house to house with two men specializing in such missions. You should assist them in cleaning these houses to finish their duties.

Features of Ghost Wiper

  • Multiplayer 
  • Cute graphics 
  • Level up

How to control

  • Little Brother: Move: "W,A,S,D"; Laser gun: "F"; Hide: "S" 
  • Elder Brother: Move: "ARROW KEYS"; Throw / Pick-up Box: "K"; Throw Trap: "L"; Hide: "Down Arrow Key" 

Release Date

  • May 01 2020