About Red And Blue Stickman Huggy


 Start an extremely attractive adventure at the game Red And Blue Stickman Huggy right here. As a lover of adventures you cannot miss this great game!
 Are you ready for the extremely exciting adventure of two brothers, the green stick and the red stickman? The red and blue brothers need to overcome the obstacles at the level to get the key and reach the door. This is a great 2 player game if you have a companion in the game. Try to combine well and solve all the challenges posed. Be two brothers who really understand each other and bring them to your friend's door. reach the door and unlock pass it to new levels. With increasing difficulty as you progress through the levels, you will face more challenges, but reaching the door will give you a greater sense of success.


  • To get a high score, you must collect all of the gold items, obtain the key, and then unlock and proceed to the next level with your two characters.
  • Take advantage of goods that can help you move faster or farther, but be careful not to fall into traps and die, because you only have a limited number of lives, and even if a soldier dies, the game will end with both of you.

How to play

You use WASD + Arrow keys to move.