About Hero Masters


 Hero Masters is an intriguing shooting game. Your mission is to transform into a superhero and use special abilities to eliminate your opponents.

 This game is a first-person shooter with a strong action theme. In order to overcome all of your opponents in this game, you must make use of your superhero's talents.

 In this action-packed shooting game, your task is to act as a superhero to protect the Earth from an extraterrestrial invasion. Your goal is to exterminate the aliens by utilizing all of your available abilities. After each round, you'll get new abilities. Every superhero possesses a unique and powerful ability. It is necessary, however, to combine such qualities in order to eliminate the adversary in the most efficient manner. Collect new abilities and use them to defeat your opponents! 

 Let's enjoy this game with vivid graphics, beautiful art animations, and a diverse range of levels!

Features of Hero Masters

  • Intriguing shooting action game 
  • 10 different abilities of a superhero
  • Unlock new abilities 

How to control

  • Mouse Click.