About Trap Craft


 Trap Craft is an entertained game where you can experience the exciting feeling and relax. You have to make a strategy to prevent zombies’ attacks.

 Trap Craft is what you need in your free time. You can be any character in the game. Each character has different hopes, the Hacker can make them come true, but they have to help him. How to help Hacker? You need to protect his portal from the zombies’ attacks. You need to make a plan to set the traps appropriately and kill the zombies. Killing zombies can help you earn coins, then coins are used to buy a pet. The pet can help you against enemies. Try to avoid the zombies because they can kill you or minimize your life. You also attack the zombies with archery, traps, and sword. 

 Come and try your best to get over the difficulties and pass all the levels. Don’t forget to get as many coins as you can. 

 Features of Trap Craft 

  • Unique graphics and background
  • Battle with dangerous zombies
  • Many levels with different difficulties 

 How to control

  • Use the arrow keys to move and shoot arrows at them
  • Press and release the mouse to set the traps