About Fortress Defense


 Fortress Defense is an intriguing action game for singleplayer. Your mission is to eliminate all aliens to protect your castle by buying and upgrading archers.

 Buy archers to defend against the attack of your opponents who want to invade your castle. The wave of your enemies will come continuously. You need to buy full of 5 slots of archers to ensure that you can protect your land. Note that you can upgrade your archers using gold coins. After eliminating each enemy, you will receive money.

 In addition, you also can purchase the soldiers outside your castle to increase the safety of your castle. Besides that, in the fighting process, you can use special power such as freezing, slowing down, and electroshock to prevent your rivals in a large area. In the shop, you can buy boosters and upgrade your castle.

 100 levels are waiting for you to explore. Can you conquer all levels?

 Features of Fortress Defense

  • 100 levels with 15 different enemies and 5 archer characters
  • Upgrade your castle and buy boosters
  • Attractive gameplay 

 How to control

  • Use your mouse to play this game.