About Gunspin


Gunspin is a superb running action game in which you have to take advantage of the recoil of the gun when shooting to move as far as possible.

This game is a combination of shooting and running games based on the action theme. So complex? No, it will become extremely simple after you read the guidance below and start the game.

Gunspin is played by clicking your mouse to shoot and taking advantage of the gun's recoil to run. Try to run as far as possible and get the highest score before running out of bullets. One thing you need to pay attention to is the shooting direction of the gun. Let's choose the right direction to go forward. Besides that, remember to collect coins and powerups to upgrade your weapons. 

Gunspin has 9 different stages with 18 unique weapons. What are you waiting for? Let's press the start button and try this game!

Do you want to experience the thrilling feeling when taking part in a real battle? Stick Merge where you need to shoot all the opponents with the modern guns will turn your dream come true. Combine the guns to upgrade them and clear all the enemies. 

Features of Gunspin

  • Exciting and fun running game
  • 9 different stages and 18 unique weapons
  • Try to run as far as possible

How to control

  • Click to shoot.