About Alpha Guns


 Alpha Guns is a shooting game where you can experience nervous times and show your fighting skill because you have to fight many enemies on your way.  

 If you want to play an active shooting game with awesome graphics, come to Alpha Guns.You will transform into a fighter who faces thousands of enemies. What should you do? Using your great control skill to kill the enemies and jump over the obstacles. The more enemies you kill, the more silver you get. Then you use silver to change other characters or guns. There are nine characters and ten cool guns for you to choose. Don’t forget to collect the support items to update your guns and have more lives. 

 If you want to be a great gunman, let’s try Alpha Guns. The game will help you be relaxed and also challenge your control skill. 

 Features of Alpha Guns

  • Fun and exciting game
  • Attractive graphics

 How to control

  • Press the button on the screen if you play on mobile
  • Press your mouse on the shooting button, use arrow keys to move left, right, and use A key to jump.