About Captain Sniper


Captain Sniper is a sniper action game where you play as a detective to stop the terrorists operating throughout the city. Complete missions to protect the city.

To follow, you are given a sequence of descriptions. If you can properly comprehend and follow the directions, you can make public spaces safer for residents. Following a child, you may need to eradicate a murderer. At times, you'll have to deal with four murderers at once. These are only a couple of instances. Killers and terrorists never cease plotting new nefarious schemes, but you're there to rescue the day. Read the instructions carefully before selecting your objectives. Everything in this arcade game is in your hands. You will fail the mission if you murder an innocent citizen instead of a terrorist or if you are unable to eliminate all of the killers. So pay close attention to the small print and be prepared to use your sniper rifle to bring peace to the world.


• Graphics in 2D that are realistic
• Unlocking guns
• Game in which you play like a first-person shooter
• More cash and new equipment to help you complete daily streaks
• Sniping effects that are entertaining
• Follow instructions that are similar to those of a puzzle

How to play

  • Use mouse to control sight and shoot