About FNAF Shooter


 FNAF Shooter is a shooting action game based on the horror theme. You will explore a supermarket while avoiding or killing terrible animatronics.

 Are you a fan of Five Nights At Freddy's? If you are, you will be interested in the game series. In this game, you are the only one who has the ability to deal with horror animatronic characters. At night, animatronics come to life and are crazy. In order to eliminate the last of the customers in the supermarket, they cut off the electricity and began searching. Animatronics are extremely tenacious because they will continue to chase you until you die. Your solution is only to kill them before they exterminate you. Use your weapons to shoot down and survive. 

 There are various weapons for you to select. Let's use suitable weapons to kill animatronic characters quickly. Good luck!

Features of FNAF Shooter

  • Addictive gameplay 
  • Unique enemies 
  • Various weapons

How to control

  • Mouselook around 
  • WASD - movement 
  • W + Shift - Run 
  • Left Mouse Button - Shoot 
  • Right Mouse Button (Hold) - Aim 
  • Mouse wheel - next/leading weapon 
  • 1-7 - weapon 
  • R - reload 
  • F - knife attack 
  • G - throw a grenade 
  • T - inspect the weapon