About Stickman Army: The Defenders


 Stickman Army: The Defenders is an interesting game where you fight with the enemies. You need to make a strategy to prevent enemies enter the building.

 If you want to experience the power of a leader of an army, Stickman Army: The Defenders will make your dream come true. In this game, you have to command an army against the intruders who want to steal the powerful book. You are a leader of an army and you need to prevent them from their aim. Your task is to arrange the soldiers in suitable positions to kill all the enemies. You will receive support power from the government, and collect as much support power as possible. The support power can be used to move the soldiers in the position. Attack all the red enemies with guns, bombs, etc. Let’s build the strongest army to protect the mysterious book and president. 

 Don’t wait anymore, come to the game and defeat all the enemies. Good luck! 

 Features of Stickman Army: The Defenders

  • Fun and exciting game with many levels
  • Collect the support power
  • Simple to control 

 How to control

  • Click the mouse on the soldiers and the square to put them on.