About Stickman Warriors


 Stickman Warriors is an interesting game where you have to battle the opponents to gain first place. There are many opponents with different power.

 In this game, you are a warrior and you need to fight the other stickmen to improve your skills. The game with many levels for you to play. You can play the select story mode or endless mode. In the select story mode, you can choose any story with a different background and character. However, to unlock the stories, you need coins. Pass the levels and defeat the enemies to get coins. In each story, there are many levels to try your skills. When you play endless mode, you have to fight with an unlimited amount of opponents until your character dies. One tip for you is to avoid the attack on your head because it can cause much damage. 

 Don’t hesitate, click on the game to enjoy the fun time and defeat all opponents. Good luck! 

 Features of Stickman Warriors

  • The game has 2 modes
  • Choose the different stories with coins
  • Avoid opponents’ attacks 

 How to control

  • Use arrow keys to move and jump if you play on the computer
  • Touch the buttons on the screen you play on the mobile