About Stickman Swing


Stickman Swing is an interesting game where you can clear your mind after a long day. You have to make the jumps and hook the silk to the pegs.

If you are bored and want to find an interesting game to play, Stickman Swing can meet your demand. In this game, you have to swing to the finish line to pass the levels. How to reach the finish line on the space. You will use the silk like Siderman, you need to hook the silk on the pegs on the space to avoid falling down. Moreover, you can use the support from the spring mattresses to jump to the pegs. In this game, you can change your character by unlocking the levels. Reaching the finish line to pass the levels. Don’t let your character fall dơn if you don’t want to play again that level. The game has endless levels, you can play until you become a master. 

Come to the game and have a relaxing time and a comfortable feeling. Good luck! 

Features of Stickman Swing

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Fun and exciting game with endless levels
  • Children can play the game 

 How to control

  • Tap or click the left mouse to hook