About Stickman Shadow Hero


 Stickman Shadow Hero is an active game where you defeat other stickmen. Upgrade your skills and strengthen your character to be the strongest stickman.

 If you want to find an interesting action game, Stickman Shadow Hero can meet your demand. You will turn into a brave stickman who is trained to become the strongest stickman. You are on the adventure to defeat all the other stickmen. You will use your fighting skills to beat all your opponents. After you pass a level, you can receive some useful items. Then, you can mix the unique items to get the most powerful objects which can help you to fight the strong opponents. Before the fight, compare the health between your character and opponents to equip items appropriately. You should use the medicines suitable because the medicine is only used for a short time. 

 Let’s come to the game to have a relaxing time and help the stickman improve his skills. 

 Features of Stickman Shadow Hero

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Fun and exciting game 
  • Defeat the opponents to gain items

 How to control

  • Click the mouse to combine and equip items