About Stickman Fights


 Stickman Fights is an active game where you fight with another stickman. If you win the battle, you can get some dollars which can be used to change skins.

 The stickmen world is finding the strongest stickman in the world. You turn into a little stickman who takes part in the battle to gain the prize. In this game, you can choose the size of the prize which is based on your bid. For instance, if your bid is 0 dollars, you can gain 250 dollars if you win. There are four sizes of prizes for you to choose from. When you fight with another, jump to avoid the opponent’s attack and hit the opponent continuously. The dollars you get can be used to buy new skins for your character. You have to play 2 rounds to decide who is the winner. Let’s try our best to have the beautiful statistic which has more victories than defeats. 

Come and enjoy the game to have a relaxing time and be the strongest stickman in the world. 

 Features of Stickman Fights

  • Easy gameplay and control
  • Fun and exciting game with many cool skins
  • 3D graphics bring an excellent feeling 

How to control

  • Use arrows to move and jump
  • Click the mouse to attack the opponent