About Stickman Archer Warrior


 Stickman Archer Warrior is an attractive action game. Play alone to kill all opponents using a bow. Aim correctly before your enemies shoot down you.

 Are you ready to participate in bow and arrow battles? Come to this game to experience the intense and exciting arrow shooting.

 What is Stickman Archer Warrior?

 This Stickman Archer Warrior game is a shooting game. In this game, you will transform into a stickman to fight. The background is green land. This land is full of other archers. Your mission is to destroy all opponents. This destruction will help you to come up with successes. The higher you climb, the harder your opponent is to destroy.

 Your competitors may die in one sale. But there are also opponents you need to shoot multiple times to destroy. In addition, there are stickmen with special powers. They can create shields to protect themselves. No arrow can penetrate this shield. Your only remedy is to wait until the shield disappears. Besides, you will see many kinds of stickmen with different qi breasts. Pay attention! These stickmen will deal different damage.

 Moreover, the game becomes more challenging when obstacles appear. You can see the spike wheels move continuously. It lies between you and your opponent. Wait for the obstacle to move and aim. you have an unlimited number of arrows. However, you need to shoot as fast as you can because your opponents can shoot you back.

 Upgrades and Achievements

 You can equip your stickman character with different bows and arrows. There are many bows for you to choose from. They are not only diverse in design but also diverse in use. Each bow will have 3 different stats: Attack, Defense, and HP Point. In particular, your weapons can be upgraded through each level.

 Furthermore, you can upgrade your stickman character. Unlock new characters and power them up. You can upgrade your character's attack, defense, and health points.

 Finally, you can get gold from your achievements. Through the levels, you can achieve the goals in the Achievements section.

 How to control: Press and drag the left mouse button to aim. Release it to shoot.