About Stick Merge


Stick Merge is a fun merging game created by TinyDobbins where you make powerful guns by combining various types of weapons and shooting the moving stick.

This game is inspired by stickman games and shooting games. It has combined these two game genres into one to create an ultimate entertaining game. Coming to this game, you can experience intense gunfights between professional marksmen. Deadly Wars! You only have two options. You die or your opponent dies. There is no third option!

Besides, this game has graphics based on the western regions of Europe. Here there are ancient citadel and a harsh hot climate. Everything seemed to burn in the sunlight. The graphics are simple but not boring.

Simple Gameplay for a Thrilling Shooting Game

Your mission is to use his weapon to destroy all the enemies. Enemies will hide behind buildings or objects. Those obstacles will make it difficult for you to fight. Therefore, aim carefully to destroy the enemy accurately.

Moreover, these enemies have the ability to move. They can move from one location to another. They can show or hide at times. In particular, your opponents are brilliant. They will choose a time when you are not paying attention to appear. Stay focused until the end of the game. In addition, these enemies will shoot you back. If you don't kill them first, you may be eliminated. You can see above their heads. When the warning sign appears, it is when they are about to attack you.

Easy Controls with the Auto-Fire Ability

When participating in this game, you will find yourself using a gun with an aiming area. You just need to move it by sliding your mouse. When an enemy appears in your sights, your weapon will fire automatically. 

When your weapon runs out of ammo, weapons will be provided ammo automatically. However, it will take some time.

More Information about Stick Merge

Levels and Rewards You can Get 

There are many different levels and their difficulty will increase over time. The number of opponents will increase. Besides, your opponent will also shoot you back more. You can look at the top left corner of the screen, you can see the number of enemies that you need to kill.

However, the more difficult the level is, the higher the prize you get. After each day, you will receive coins and diamonds. These are important rewards for you to upgrade as well as buy necessary items.

Merge Weapons to Create a New Weapon

In this game, you can merge two guns of the same level to upgrade their level. For example, you can combine a level 1 gun with a level 1 gun to create a level 2 gun. Or you can combine two level 2 guns to create a level 3 gun. You cannot combine two guns of different levels. You will have a higher fighting ability when the new gun is created. Because the higher the level of the gun, the greater the damage.

You can use the gold coins earned in each match to buy guns. Besides, you can get airboxes. Inside these, there is a gun at a random level.

At what level can you unlock the gun? What is the highest level weapon? Those are still mysteries and are waiting for you to answer.

Various Skins

By collecting diamonds from matches, you can unlock different skins. Basic or epic outfits are always available.

Platforms: Now is available through a web browser.

How to play

  • Select and move weapons - Click and drag the left mouse button
  • Shoot enemies - Drag and move the mouse cursor

It's time to eliminate hundreds of armed opponents who are waiting to take your life behind barricades and thick concrete walls one by one.