About Sniper King 2D The Dark City


 Sniper King 2D The Dark City is an exciting shooting game of Bestgamespot.com. Aim and shoot down all opponents while you are limited visibility.

 The government collapsed. Power no longer belongs to state officials. However, they did not give up. The government wants to regain power. To achieve that goal, they need to destroy the reactionary bases. But conditions do not allow them to do that. So they hired an unofficial sniper. Why unofficial? Because no one can know that the things that are about to happen are caused by the government. Sniper will be contacted with the least amount of information. In addition, he needs to operate in the dark.

 What is your task?

 You have to perform each assigned task. There are many levels. Each level is a unique task. You may have to shoot down all the enemies in the base. You may also have to darken the enemy base. Your task can also be to collapse the bridge to prevent the enemy from moving. Your tasks are extremely diverse. Try to complete the assigned task well.

 You have a limited amount of ammo. Depending on the level, the number of bullets you receive varies. Aim accurately and kill enemies in one shot. Don't waste any bullets.

 Besides, shooting down the enemies is not easy. First, the enemies can move. They can walk behind obstacles like trees or houses. Therefore, aiming becomes more challenging. In addition, your vision is also limited. You are a sniper, so you can only see through the sniper rifle's scope. You should use the sight to look around before performing the task.

 Successfully performing the mission, you will receive precious stars. You can get 3 stars when you finish the level perfectly. Can you complete 30 different challenges in this entertaining game? Get started now and challenge yourself!

 How to control: Slide your mouse to aim and click the left mouse button to shoot.