About Slope Run


Slope Run is a great adventure game with a running theme. Try to control your ball to jump through the holes so as not to fall into the endless space.

The arrow keys can be used to control your ball. To leap, press the up arrow key. To go sideways, press the left and right arrow keys. Moving about is simple. To advance, you must jump from one platform to the next. You move through a tunnel filled with many gaps in this game. Although you can keep moving forward while running, there are occasions when you must jump to the tunnel's side wall. The gaps resemble a matrix. Because they are set up in random order and present a challenge to the player, it confounds you.

The game contains numerous branching options. That can be followed on the minimap. You will have a varied experiences on each branch, such as a Winter branch with an icy background or a Dark branch with an endlessly dark background. Let's complete every stage and establish new branches.


  • To get as far as you can, try combining jumping with shifting between different platforms. Your level rises as you go further.
  • In addition, you can take part in infinite races in the Infinite mode and rank among the top players on the server.


  • Enticing gameplay and simple controls
  • 2 modes: Infinite and Level Modes
  • Activate new branches

How to play

  • To jump, press the up arrow key.
  • To go to the left and right sides, use the arrow keys.